Get Them All—Before They Get YOU!

They say these creatures don't exist. That they're just a myth, a fantasy. Aliens. Zombies. Sasquatch. Creepy Clowns. Actually, no one says that about creepy clowns, which everyone knows are real. But everyone's still wrong, though, because they're ALL REAL.

A user of the the Zombie Invasion app sent us this photo, after he spotted a REAL ZOMBIE in public, who was using Alien Encounter to spot a tiny, disgusting alien!

Simply open the app on your mobile device, snap a photo, and the creature comes to life before your eyes! Or, choose from an existing photo, and reveal the hidden visitor you never knew was there! Then, share the experience with your friends, along with the coordinates of the sighting, so they can go look for themselves.

“It's all true! I saw all the creatures with my own eyes, on my phone! My friends thought I was crazy, which I am, but then I sent them the photographic evidence and THEY ALL WENT CRAZY!!!” [name redacted]

Don't believe the disbelievers! Learn the truth for yourself with Alien Encounter, Zombie Invasion, Sasquatch Sighting, and Creepy Clowns. There's no turning back once you step through the looking glass of augmented reality, to discover a world you never thought possible!